Property management

 homesinalbania- Real estate property management services 

homesinalbania-Real estate was the first to operate property management in Albania for overseas landlords who are concerned about owning property in Albania. We offer a worry-free ownership program and provide property maintenance services.  homesinalbania-Real estate  is engaged in integrated property management services including property administration and maintenance, lease administration activities and special technical services. It continues to provide property management services for many properties developed. We shall demand and collect rental on behalf of the landlord from the tenant of the premises in accordance with provisions of the lease. Collectables would usually be remitted to landlord on via bank transfer and net of fees. We would ensure that both landlord and your tenant comply with the respective obligations under the tenancy agreement so as to further harmonious landlord and tenant relationships.We have substantial experience in undertaking lease negotiations and such as we would undertake negotiations for renewals, rent reviews, extensions and surrenders, and serve all notices as required under the lease.

All property maintenance will be undertaken on the landlord's behalf by homesinalbania accredited contractors or charged back to tenant in accordance with maintenance obligations under the lease. All costs necessary for the repair and maintenance shall be chargeable to the landlord or the tenant depending on terms of the lease contract.