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La nostra società, grazie all'ottimo lavoro intermediario della Agenzia Immobiliare ''HomesinAlbania''ha appena concluso un contratto d'affitto per i nostri nuovi uffici a Tirana. Vorremmo precisare la professionalità del Sig. Mariglen e augurarci di poter collaborare di nuovo con lui.

Excellent all-round service! Marenglen will make sure you get the best deal possible and will be there to help you with every problem that may come up - sorting out the paperwork was a breeze! He's also fluent in Greek which in my case made things even simpler! Theo

Falenderoj z.Mariglen dhe znj.Tereza per etiken, perkushtimin dhe seriozitetin qe ofrojne ne perzjedhje. Profesionalizmin e tyre u`a rekomandoj dhe te tjereve per te gjetur zgjedhjen e duhur. Ata japin gjithemone me te miren e mundshme. Me respekt Aida!

Tiran da isini bu kadar profesyonel olarak yapan tek emlak sirketisiniz. Kira kontrati yapilana kadar titiz davrandiniz. Kontrat sonrasida takip ettiniz...Verdiginiz sozlerin arkasinda durmaniz, saygili ve guler yuzlu olmanizdan dolayi sizi tebrik ediyorum. Faleminderit shume

Teresa and Mariglen were extremely helpful and professional. They immediately understood our needs and priorities and showed us a variety of possible options. They were efficient and punctual and, most importantly, very genuine! We decided on a great apartment within a few days. We highly recommend there services- they will make you feel at home!

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